The team working on the project will be focusing both on monks as individuals and on all forms of monastic communal life.

Out of this vast research field the project leader, i.e. Ewa Wipszycka-Bravo has selected five thematic groups on the basis of two criteria: the existence of sufficiently numerous and valuable sources of various categories preserved in different languages (Greek, Coptic, Syriac), and the state of the art which calls for scholars attention to the fields that either have not been subject of research or require verification of previously proposed hypotheses and interpretations. As already outlined in greater detail in the ‘Project’ the chosen themes of investigation are as follows: 1. Monks and hierarchical Church; 2. Relations of monastic communities with lay society; 3. Monastic spirituality as reflected in the private correspondence of the monks from small communities of Egypt and Palestine; 4. Legal aspects of monasticism; 5. Monks in pagan temples of Egypt.

Our research team is formed by scholars of various scientific backgrounds in order to provide an interdisciplinary approach towards the studied issues. For each of the project’s central themes an investigator was assigned trained to work with relevant sources and familiarised with particularities present in mentioned fields of expertise.

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